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Company SUNERZHA Ltd. with a headquarters in Pruszcz Gdanski, Poland is a general distributor of stainless steel radiators and accessories of SUNERZHA brand in EU area.

SUNERZHA radiators have been produced since 1996 only from pipes made of AISI 304 grade stainless steel that are also used in food industry. It is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable material. Technical characteristics of that kind of stainless steel pipe allow to use SUNERZHA radiators regardless of water quality and chemical composition in heating systems and hot water supply systems, where possibility of corrosion is definitely higher.

Stainless steel includes nickel and chrome that ensure high corrosion resistance and additionally, after multistage polishing, provide radiator with mirror gloss finish. Polished stainless steel has significant advantages over galvanic coating: it is resistant to external factors, characterized with the unique homogeneous shine all over the surface that does not change over time. Due to lack of coating it cannot come off and expose pipe to the corrosion, what is another important feature of polished stainless steel. Unlike the electroplating process manufacturing of stainless steel is environmentally friendly.

Heat output of stainless steel radiators is higher than in comparable chrome plated models. Use of stainless steel allowed us to successfully introduce technology of applying colours like: “Gold”, “Matt Gold” and unparalleled “Chameleon”. Shades are achieved by the nitride-titanic impingement of stainless steel in vacuum. This process involves colouring top layer of the pipe, it is not applying paint or galvanizing. It also increases the resistance of the surface. Colors of stainless steel offered by SUNERZHA provide additional opportunities to create exclusive and unique interior designs.

Pipe welding technology, used in the production of our radiators (welding without filler, by the full thickness of the pipes walls), allows to obtain welds with an aesthetic appeal and unusual strength.

All of these features distinguish our products positively.

They provide comfort, safety, durability as well as warmth and unique shine.

Quality of our radiators is ensured by EU norms compliance certificate. Warehouse in Pruszcz Gdanski guarantees constant availability of goods, efficient and immediate shipment.

Our motto is – «with all due Warmth…»
Warmth of our hearts, of fireside comfort and of SUNERZHA design-radiators.

With all due warmth…

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